Change Up Your Hair without Cutting It! Try These 3 Easy DIY Hair Styles

Change Up Your Hair without Cutting It! Try These 3 Easy DIY Hair Styles

As the holidays start winding down and we enter the new year, many of us look for a change in our life. This is a time of new year’s resolutions and new beginnings, so mixing up your look is only natural. But if a major change isn’t what you are looking for, give one of these DIY hair styles a try.

If Your Go-To Style Is a Braid… Try a Dressed Up Pony Instead

It is no secret that braids have been having a moment; from fishtails to braid crowns to edgy, double French braids, plaited locks have been all over runways and street style blogs. While braids aren’t going anywhere in 2018, you can add variety to your look with a dressed up ponytail.

Adding pretty clips, an embellished headband, or a simple black ribbon all add interest to your pony, elevating this humble hair staple. Hair accessories are available in every style and budget, so a dressed up pony is easy to achieve without deviating too far from your comfort zone. Additionally, this is a great look for long or short hair as the main focus is on the accessories. Here’s a tip: Keep your pony on the nape of your neck to make the most of this trend.

If Your Go-To Style Is a Middle Part…Try a Deep Side Part Instead

One of the simplest ways to change up your entire look is to change your part. A new parting affects the way your hair falls, adding new body and lines to your locks. If you have been parting your hair in the middle or just off center, switch to a deep side part for a major change with little effort, making this the easiest DIY hair style.

On the runways, models wore the side with less hair tucked behind their ears to show off sculptural earrings, letting the side with more hair fall over their faces. Alternatively, you can pin the side with more hair using some of the embellished accessories we mentioned earlier (Psssssttt, a deep side part looks stunning with a dressed up pony tail).

If Your Go-To Style Is a Top Knot…Try Space Buns Instead

The top knot has been a godsend for those of us who want to keep our hair off our necks and out of our faces. This versatile look has all the hallmarks of a good DIY hair style: It requires little effort and it looks good for virtually any occasion. It’s going to be a long time before we let go of the top knot, but space buns are a fun and trendy alternative.

To get the look, simply part your hair all the way down the middle, dividing it into two sections. Then pull hair into high pigtails on the top of your head toward the back. Tease the hair in the pigtails if you need to add volume, and twist each section into a simple bun. Finish it off with shine spray, and you’re good to go!

Sometimes a little change is all you need to feel fresh, and there is no better time than the start of a new year to try something new. Any time you are looking for hair inspiration, get in touch with the experts at Marilyn Monroe Spas! Our hair stylists are up to date on all the trends, so whether you are going for the newest look or a classic style, they can get you there.

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