How To Choose The Perfect Red Lipstick

How To Choose The Perfect Red Lipstick

When you think of Marilyn Monroe, we can’t help but picture her stunning face with the perfect red pout. It’s not a stretch to say that every woman would love to work a red lip as flawlessly as she did, so how do we do it? We’ve heard so many women say that they just “can’t pull off red,” and understandably so, it can be a difficult color to master.

Choosing a lipstick shade shouldn’t be a trying process. If you know what hues will work for you, making your choice will be simple and clear. Marilyn Monroe Spas offers four different shades of our Signature Marilyn Monroe Red, because no one red would work on every skin tone.



Stress no more! We’re going to help you choose your perfectly glamorous red.

Let’s break it down:

1. Fair Skinned Beauties: A red with a pink hue is perfect for those of you with fair skin. The pink makes the red softer, so that the look isn’t too harsh. It will give you the perfect pout, while flattering your pretty porcelain skin!

2. Medium Skinned Dolls: A red with blue undertones is the most flattering hue of red on the majority of skin tones. If you have medium toned skin, this will look gorgeous on you. If you are fair skinned and want something a little more bold than a red with pink undertones, give a blue base a try! (FACT: A blue base will make your teeth look whiter.)

3. Those of you who can really wear red clothing – and you know who you are!: This truest red is the hardest to place, but it’s the shade Marilyn herself would wear. If you look spectacular in red clothing, you’ll pull this off beautifully. It’s the brightest red out there, so go ahead, Doll, give it a try!

4. Olive-Dark Skinned Babes: Dark to olive skin looks amazing with an orange undertone in their red lipsticks. The orange plays to the hues found in their skin for a combination that is truly show stopping!

We hope this little guide has helped in your red lipstick decision making! Be bold. Wear RED!

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