Science Gives You More Reasons to Treat Yourself

Science Gives You More Reasons to Treat Yourself

After days of dealing with life’s daily drama, even the toughest cookie needs to unwind and relax. What better way to do so than at a local spa?

A spa is a haven for people in need of pampering. Treating yourself involves getting a massage, trying a new hairstyle, or getting your nails done, all in pursuit of the best form of relaxation.


But there’s more to spas than just pampering. Thanks to modern science, your modern-day downtown Orlando spas also offer packages with amazing health benefits!

Essential Oils Love Your Heart

Some spa treatments like massages often involve applying essential oils for a soothing, “me time” experience. But did you know that apart from keeping your mental state calm, exposure to these oils can also benefit your heart?

The European Society of Cardiologists conducted a study in 2012 in Taiwan that observed 100 healthy participants. The researchers put the people in calming rooms with machines that vaporized essential oils. An hour after the exposure and post-test measurements, they found that the smell reduced the participants’ heart rates and blood pressure.

Massages for Better Circulation

Nothing melts away muscle tension better than a good massage. But the benefits of massages go beyond calming the body; researchers from the University of Chicago revealed that a massage after a bit of physical activity promotes better blood flow, which improves overall cardiovascular health. This 2014 study was more specific to post-exercise massages that used Swedish techniques; other studies observed general practices.

Researchers from the University of Alabama describe other benefits for massages, which include a healthier immune system and reduced stress levels.

Massages for Toxin Release

Massage therapies manipulate the body’s soft tissues (such as tendons, skin, muscles, and connective tissues) to enhance the body’s healing powers. Apart from relieving sore muscles, massages also flush out toxins.

Live Strong reported on a study from The Patient Education Institute that explained how massages release toxins from the body. Hitting pressure points causes the body to release chemicals, which brings out the toxins from the muscles. A good massage that moves the substance lymph around encourages the tissues to get rid of waste and other toxic substances.

Facials for Better Skin

If you are suffering from skin rash or acne outbreak, a facial can be just the thing to get your skin healthy again. Skin conditions appear due to a variety of reasons: lack of sleep, poor diet, and stress. Fortunately, spas offer solutions that clear up acne-prone or blotchy skin. Bonus: A facial is as relaxing as it is good for your skin!

Your skin becomes prone to damage due to exposure to free radicals as you age. Combined with the decrease in collagen production, your skin will become more inflamed and age in appearance. Regular facials keep your skin from aging prematurely and also keep it glowing and smooth.

You deserve to be happy and healthy. Indulge in a session of relaxation to unwind at a spa and take some time just for you. Pampering yourself once in a while recharges you for the daily grind.

Relax and give yourself a treat by visiting Marilyn Monroe Spas today. Book an appointment with us. Science says you should!

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