Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Facial Treatment

Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Facial Treatment

Nothing is as important as great skin care. That’s why at Marilyn Monroe Spas we offer a variety of facial treatment options to our clients. Seeing a skincare professional for a facial has many benefits, including glowing skin and an hour of relaxing pampering. But how do you get the most out of your skincare splurge? Follow these tips to get the best possible results.


Wear Sunscreen

The number one beauty tip on any list or magazine is to wear sunscreen. Protect your skin before and after your facial with sunscreen that protects from UVA and UVB rays. In fact, sunscreen should be an essential part of your beauty routine year round to keep your skin healthy and beautiful.


A buzzing phone during your facial can distract you, keeping you from fully enjoying the relaxing atmosphere of the spa. Additionally, when you check your phone – even if you are just turning down the volume or checking the sender of an email – that can be a distraction to the aesthetician as well. Plus, it’s just polite to be fully engaged with the other person in the room.

Go with a Clean Face

Remove all your makeup before you arrive at the salon. This saves your aesthetician the time it takes to take off your face makeup. The purpose of a facial is to remove all impurities from your skin, so going in with a makeup-free face makes that easier.

Steer Clear of Makeup After the Treatment

After you have deep cleaned and exfoliated your face, it only makes sense to give your skin some special treatment for a few days after your facial treatment. Try to wear as little makeup as possible for a day or two to keep your pores clean.

Exfoliate and Hydrate Between Treatments

How can you help your skin stay amazing and radiant between visits to the spa? Remember to exfoliate to keep dirt and oils from building up. Opt for a gentle exfoliator that you can use every day for best results. Be sure to wait a few days after your facial before you start exfoliating at home because a facial is a deep exfoliating treatment and over-exfoliation can cause damage.

Proper hydration is just as important as regular exfoliation because it keeps your skin supple. Use a moisturizer or serum with high-quality ingredients to maintain the gorgeous tone and texture of your post-facial skin.

Follow Your Aesthetician’s Advice

A skincare expert at Marilyn Monroe Spas will tailor your facial treatment to your skin, using products and techniques that address your needs. Listen to your aesthetician and then follow the advice you get during your session to get the best results.

Getting a facial is a relaxing way to pamper yourself and get glowing, healthy skin. Trust the experts at Marilyn Monroe Spas to take care of your skin and give you the facial experience you need.

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