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5 Benefits of Getting A Massage


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Everyone loves a great massage and at Marilyn Monroe Spas, we do them the best! Massages are one of the best ways to relieve stress and relax, but did you know that there are many health benefits as well? Today we’re sharing 5 benefits of getting a massage and a brand new membership that you absolutely must have!

  • Massage reduces inflammation. Just 10 minutes of massage can reduce inflammation and increase blood flow.
  • Say hello to better sleep. Have you ever dozed off on the massage table? Well, we have too. Massages can help to improve your sleep patterns.
  • An immunity boost is always a good idea. Massages have been found to increase a person’s disease-fighting white blood cells which leads to a better functioning immune system.
  • It’s always good to be more alert. Just a quick 15-minute chair massage can make you more alert and keep you on your toes! If a 15-minute massage can make you more alert, imagine the wonders that a 50-minute massage can do.
  • Massage can ease pain, anxiety, and depression. During a massage, your stress level decreases which in turn eases pain, anxiety, and depression. It can lift your spirits, decrease stiffness, and also decrease blood pressure.

After learning about all of these amazing health benefits, how can you not want a massage? We want to pamper you as much as you want to be pampered.

Marilyn Monroe Spas Massage Membership | Marilyn Monroe Spas| Orlando Spa

Our new massage series will allow you to be pampered as often as you’d like. You can get five 50-minute massages for just $300! That’s a savings of $50! 5 massages not enough? How about 10? You can get ten 50-minute massages for only $550 and save even more.

Visit us here or call the location nearest you for more information.

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