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5 Benefits of Regular Facials and Why You Need to Add Them to Your Routine

Adding regular facials to your routine is easy. After all, you probably already visit a salon on a semi-regular basis for other beauty and grooming services, like a haircut and color, mani & pedi, waxing, or other salon services. Facials are among the most important beauty treatments you can get, because they do more than just make you look better for the short term the way a blow out or nail polish might. Facials have lasting benefits that make them well worth your time at the spa.


1. Fight Signs of Aging

When it comes to fighting aging, prevention is key. Getting a regular facial is one of the most effective ways to slow down early signs of aging and keep skin glowing longer. Facials treat your skin cells with antioxidants and other ingredients that are designed specifically to promote collagen production; these treated cells then go on to replicate every 4 weeks, creating new cells that are healthier. Regular facials aid this process, encouraging the healthier cells to keep replicating themselves.

Even better, facials exfoliate much more deeply than you can at home, which allows serums and moisturizers to more fully penetrate the skin, giving maximum effect to your skincare products. This deep exfoliation combined with gentle, practiced massage can help get rid of fine lines and wrinkles.

2. Deep Clean Pores

Even if you do not struggle with acne, deep cleaning your pores is important, though it is not something that should be done at home. Using the proper techniques to avoid scarring, a professional aesthetician can clean oil and impurities from your pores to clear skin, prevent acne, and even shrink pores. Large pores can be unsightly, and regular facials can make your pores smaller and more even.

3. Learn from a Pro

Probably the biggest benefit of indulging in regular facials is the learning experience from a skincare professional. Aestheticians are highly educated on all things relating to skin, so they are veritable fountains of information about products and routines to keep your skin looking amazing.

When you form a relationship with your aesthetician, you gain valuable insight into your own skin. In your regular facial sessions, you can learn about the products that work best for your skin, build a custom routine for your daily skincare, and so much more. The skincare world is huge and products can be expensive, so it is difficult to know where to start. That’s why getting facials on a regular basis can help you get the skin you have always wanted.

4. Prevent Skin Problems

It is not unusual for women to come in for a facial when they notice that their skin is acting strangely: dry patches, weird breakouts, extreme oiliness, etc. When you notice the skin on your face looks or feels different than normal, a facial is a great way to address those problems.

But what if we told you that regular facials can prevent these problems before they even start?

Because facials exfoliate so deeply, they help stimulate the cells to keep your skin healthy. Getting rid of the dead skin makes way for new skin, which keeps your skin’s texture and appearance even and smooth. This deep exfoliation can also lessen the appearance of dark spots, which are among the first signs of aging and sun damage.

5. Enjoy a Tiny Vacation

A facial is one of the most relaxing treatments on the menu at most spas. The hour you spend being pampered by an experienced and licensed aesthetician can feel like a vacation as you let go of the stress of your everyday life. A facial is like a massage for your face, and the soothing ingredients, calming music, and soft smells of the spa can transport you to a relaxing experience unlike any other.

A Marilyn Monroe Spas, our licensed and experienced aestheticians have the tools and knowledge to care for your skin and keep you glowing. Book a facial now with one of our amazing experts, and get started on your routine of gorgeous skin.