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Four Steps To An Even Skin Tone

An even skin tone is something that we all strive for because let’s be honest, everyone wants a flawless complexion. Right gals? The perfect makeup job can hide any blemishes. With these Marilyn Monroe Spas beauty products, you can achieve an even skin tone in just minutes.

Four Steps to an Even Skin Tone | Marilyn Monroe Spas

Step 1: Start with Pore Perfecting Primer.

Primer is essential to achieving the perfect complexion. A good primer can serve multiple purposes such as smoothing out your skin, allowing makeup to glide on quickly, make blending easier, and will even help to keep your makeup on all day long.

Step 2: Apply a foundation with SPF.

The second step to achieving an even skin tone is applying a foundation with SPF. Our Marilyn Monroe Spas MM Cream is made with SPF 20 to protect your skin from sun damage. Apply the foundation using a beauty blender. By pressing the product into the skin with the beauty blender, it will allow for even coverage and a natural finish.

Step 3: Cover imperfections with concealer.

One mistake that most women make is applying concealer before their foundation. This is a big no, no gals! When you apply concealer before foundation you wipe away most of the product. The trick to covering blemishes correctly is patting concealer over the areas you’d like to cover. If you’re aiming to hide your dark under eye circles, opt for a concealer with a bright pink or orange shade. This will help to brighten up those beautiful eyes and hide those dark circles. If you’re wanting to conceal any redness, choose a concealer with a yellow tone. And remember, patting not rubbing is best when applying concealer.

Step 4: Finish with a dusting of powder.

Powder is the last and final step. Dusting a little of the Illuminating Finishing Powder will help to even out your skin tone and add an extra layer of coverage to cover any blemishes.

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