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Hair Extensions 101

We all want the long, thick, gorgeous hair that stars like Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, and Selena Gomez flaunt down the red carpet. What is the secret to the celebs’ stunning hair? Extensions!

The invention of hair extensions is one of those beauty innovations that manages to combine versatility and glamour all in one. There are so many options for hair extensions depending on your hair texture, your lifestyle, and your desired look that you could spend days trying to answer some of these common queries about extensions:

  • What are the benefits of hair extensions?
  • How long to hair extensions last?
  • What kind of hair extensions are there?
  • How do I take care of hair extensions?

Welcome to Hair Extensions 101, your comprehensive education about this amazing beauty treatment! Here we answer all the frequently asked questions, so all the info you need is in one place.

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What Are the Benefits of Hair Extensions?

  • Change your look
  • Enjoy longer, fuller hair
  • Try new styles and looks
  • Boost your confidence
  • Get through that awkward grow-out stage

How Long Do Hair Extensions Last?

Are you looking for a permanent look or do you want to add drama for a special occasion? Depending on your needs, you can get permanent extensions that last for months or clip in extensions that you put in when you feel like it. With proper care, extensions can last anywhere from 6 weeks to 5 months, depending on what method you use.

What Kind of Hair Extensions Are There?

Each woman’s hair needs are different, which is why there are so many options for doing extensions. Every type of extensions has its own benefits, so work together with your stylist to find the right option for you.

Fusion Bonds

                  Lifetime: 3-5 months

Small strips of hair that are pre-tipped with keratin bonds are attached to the hair using a heating tool. Fusion bonds last longer than any other type of extension with little maintenance, but the hair cannot be reused as it can with other methods.

Tape In

                  Lifetime: 6-8 weeks but hair can be reused for several applications

Best for adding thickness, tape in extensions are placed on either side of a piece of your own hair and held in place with a heat activated glue. Tape in extensions take a short time to apply because the stylist can work with relatively large pieces of hair at a time.


                  Lifetime: 4 months

Your stylist will place a small bead—complete with its own strip of hair—onto the hair as close to the scalp as possible. Beaded extensions add both length and volume without the use of glue or heat. You will need to revisit the salon every 4 weeks to have the beads tightened.

Sew In

                  Lifetime: 4 months

Also called a weave, sew in extensions are relatively low maintenance. The stylist will create tight braids onto which they will sew the wefts of hair. Make sure to periodically return to the salon to have your braids retightened to keep the look seamless.

Clip In

                  Lifetime: Must be applied daily, but hair can last for months if properly cared for

Clip in extensions are temporary extensions that need to be reapplied every day. Wefts of hair come in a variety of sizes to be placed all around the head for a natural look. Clip in extensions are a good fit for people whose hair cannot handle the stress or weight of more permanent extensions.

How Do I Take Care of Hair Extensions?

Taking proper care of your hair extensions is essential to keeping your natural hair healthy and maintaining your extensions for the maximum amount of time. When you get your extensions, make sure to follow the instructions that your stylist gives you for your particular type of extensions and your hair.

Here are some general tips for maintaining gorgeous extensions:

Wash your hair with shampoo that is free of sulfates and parabens. If you expose your hair to chlorine or saltwater, make sure to use a dechlorinating shampoo to protect from damage.

Condition your extensions thoroughly, as the hair at the ends does not benefit from the natural oils of your scalp.

Detangle your hair carefully, never pulling on the extensions. Use a looper brush designed for extensions to gently detangle.

Sleep with hair in a loose braid, pigtails, or a bun to prevent hair from getting tangled during the night. Also ensure that hair is dry before going to bed to minimize the chance of knots forming.

Protect from heat damage with a quality heat protector spray.

Marilyn Monroe Spas’ expert hair professionals at our locations in Houston, Orlando, and Oviedo are your go to consultants for hair extensions. Work with them to find the hair extension option to give you the look you want. Check out our locations to set up an appointment!