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How To Get Glowing Skin For The Summer


We all want gorgeous, glowing skin but how do we actually get it?

Say it with us: Cleanse. Exfoliate. Moisturize. Repeat!



Cleansing the skin is the first step. Remove dirt and makeup, but be careful not to over strip your skin of its natural oils! Of course we love our Marilyn Monroe Spa cleansers: Chamomile, Sage, or Rose (depending on your skin type), gentle enough to use every day and effective for good, clean skin.



Exfoliation is the real secret weapon for glowing skin.  To really uncover that inner glow, shedding dead, rough, and dull skin is a must!  Use a GENTLE exfoliant and use weekly or more often as your skin will allow.  Exfoliation is great for the face and the body. We love our Rose Hip Cell Renewing Facial Polish and our Juniper Berry Body Scrub.



Moisturize that beautiful face and body! Always protect your skin with SUNSCREEN.  And this goes for all of our Dolls, not just the sun-worshippers. Sun damage will age your skin faster than anything, so a good SPF and hat are always in style! We’re slightly obsessed with the MM Cream. It has color like a foundation, and it’s incredibly moisturizing like a lotion. The best part? It has SPF 20 as an added bonus!



Finally, a little illuminating powder and bronzer will add the perfect sun-kissed glow!

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