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How To Get The Nail Shape You Want

Finding the right nail shape can be tricky. Round and square are just two basic shapes that everyone loves, but these days there are so many more to choose from. Choosing the right nail shape can be just as important as choosing the right polish. Take a look at our guide to decide which nail shape is right for you.

Nail Shape | Marilyn Monroe Spas

Oval is best for long nails or people with wide or narrow nail beds. It also helps to slim short fingers.

Squared Oval or Squoval combines the classic square and graceful oval. This is the best nail shape for everyone!

Rounded Rectangle is the perfect combination of round and rectangle. This shape helps to keep long nails look natural.

Square is a classic shape that draws attention to your hands. It’s the perfect nail shape for medium and long nails, and those with large nail beds.

Round is ideal for short and weak nails.

Edge is the perfect nail shape for those who like to live on the “edge”.

Almond is a narrow version of the oval nail shape. It’s perfect if you’re looking to lengthen and slenderize your fingers.

Diamond is perfect for those nail art and acrylic lovers!

Point or Stiletto is literally the trendiest nail shape out right now. It’s perfect for long nails and elongating short fingers. If you want to be on trend, point is for you!

Coffin or Ballerina is great for long and strong nails.


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