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Introducing The Marilyn Crew


At Marilyn Monroe Spas, we refer to our staff as our “production crew.” So who makes up the crew?

We’re spread out all over the USA, from our corporate office to technicians and managers in the spas themselves. We are thankful to have some of the most fun and hardworking individuals around, which is why we couldn’t wait to begin introducing them to you!

In this post, we’re going to introduce you to a few of our lovely ladies who work in the corporate office. They love to keep the office job full of fun, and you will often find them bursting with laughter in the midst of their work days.

On the most recent photo shoot, sipping champagne with their signature red lips isn’t a bad way to end a day!

Meet this Crew:

Rachelle – Operations


As the valediction of her high school, Rachelle is insanely smart and offers quick solutions to problems. She works to make sure that the locations themselves run smoothly and that the crew is given the tools they need.

While not at work, you’ll find Rachelle doing what she loves most, riding horses. From jumping to riding and special “horse therapy” for children with disabilities, she is deeply passionate!

Her favorite MMS products are the custom hair ties.  She can throw her hair into a ponytail all day, then take it down without a crease. How fabulous! Rachelle has been at the company for two years.

Lauren – Design + Organic Marketing


With a love for aesthetics and a niche for social media, Lauren loves her role bouncing between choosing carpet samples one day to planning the social media calendar the next.

On her time off, Lauren loves to travel. Whether it’s to see friends or visit a new country for a cause, she would love nothing more than to spend all her free time jet-setting to different places. She loves to care for children in need in the hard places of the world.

Her favorite MMS product is the MM Cream because it’s an SPF and covering lotion. You won’t find her makeup bag without it! Lauren has been with the company for two years.

Amanda – Acquisition and Distributions


Full of spirit and sass, Amanda will put you at ease and have you laughing from the moment you say hello. She’s the one making sure all online orders are fulfilled and that each location gets the exact products needed.

Amanda will soon be leaving us to head to her next adventure – living in Australia! We’re incredibly sad to see her go, and know that the office will miss her lively personality each day.

But we can’t help but be slightly envious of her new adventure down under!

Amanda’s favorite MMS product is the Sage Clarifying Cleanser because it’s fresh, clean, free of any harmful chemicals, and Natrue certified organic. Amanda has been at the company for 6 months.

Gina – Product Development


Our fashionista and product junkie, this girl knows style. It’s only fitting that Gina develops all the products found online and in the stores, from the MM Puff to the different polish colors.

When not in the office, Gina is a family girl. Nothing makes her happier than spending time with her new husband or loving on the children in her extended family. She’s heartfelt, sincere, and one of the kindest people you’ll meet.

Gina’s favorite MM product is the Beauty Blender. It perfectly smooths your foundation without absorbing too much into the blender itself. Gina has been at the company for 2 years.

Check back to find out more about different members of the production crew from around the USA!