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Learn Makeup Tricks from the Pros

Celebrities have the benefit of full glamour teams dedicated to keeping them looking glamorous for events. These makeup pros inspire the rest of us with their beauty tricks and the gorgeous looks that they create.

Whether you have been wearing makeup for 5 years or 50 years, you can always learn a thing or two about making your products look better or last longer. Read through these makeup tips to get some ideas to get the most out of your makeup bag every day.

Get That Coveted Glow

We have all heard the of the mixing-foundation-with-moisturizer trick. It gives your skin a dewy look and creates the illusion of perfect lighting wherever you go. But to create the illusion that you are glowing from within, try mixing bronzer with your moisturizer. Janelle Monae’s makeup artist, Jessica Smalls, did this for the 2017 Oscars, with a gorgeous effect.

Check Your Touch Up Routine

Instead of using powder throughout the day to control shine, opt for blotting papers instead. These little miracle workers are available at all makeup stores for cheap, and they absorb oil without removing makeup. The best part? Blotting papers are about the size of a credit card, so they fit in your purse better than your powder compact.


Layer Blush for Staying Power

When you need your blush to stay for hours—think a big event like a wedding or a day outdoors—use two formulas to add staying power. After applying foundation, use gel or cream blush on the apples of the cheeks. Then set it with powder blush in a similar color. This combo will keep the color from fading, just like setting a liquid foundation with power helps it last.

Look in Unexpected Places

Some makeup artists use regular, household ingredients to make their clients shine. Cherry Kool-Aid can be a perfect blush shade; mix a small amount of powder with moisturizer and rub on the apples of the cheeks for a healthy flush. Use your favorite lipstick on your eyelids to mimic the rosy shadow look that has been all over runways.

Double Up Your Lip Color

Marilyn Monroe’s famous red pout was the product of 5 different lipsticks and glosses and a special technique that she and her makeup artist created. You can create a simplified version of this at home, by using a deep red on your whole lip, then dabbing a brighter red in the center of your pout. Finish by putting highlighter in your cupid’s bow, and you’ll have a perfect red lip.

Prime Everything

Makeup primer is one of the greatest inventions since lipstick, and nothing helps your face stay on better. But did you know that you can put primer on your eyebrows to help your brow color stay on? You work so hard to fill in those full brows, girl! Extend their life with primer, just like you do your foundation and eyeshadow!

Up Your Mascara Game

Keep your mascara from flaking off during the day by applying a coat of waterproof mascara. Do your mascara routine as normal, with the regular formula that you have grown to love and cherish. Then finish with a coat or two of a waterproof formula. This will give you the staying power of waterproof mascara, but it stays easy to remove at the end of the day. Win-win.

If you need some more help and inspiration, book some time with a professional makeup artist at Marilyn Monroe Spas! Our beauty pros can help you find a new look or perfect your old one, showing you a few tips and tricks along the way.