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Marilyn’s Signature Fassage: A Face Massage Created by Marilyn Monroe Spas

Every once in a while, you come upon something truly special. Something unique and amazing, that you may not have even known your life was missing. Marilyn’s Signature Fassage is a perfect example of this. It’s an ingenious method of facial massage that combines the relaxation of massage with benefits of lymphatic drainage. This is a spa treatment that is truly unlike any other.

Don’t believe us? Read through these frequently asked questions about Marilyn’s Signature Fassage to learn the basics. After that, do yourself a favor and book one at your nearest Marilyn Monroe Spas location.


What Is a Fassage?

A Marilyn Monroe Spas invention, a Fassage is a 25 minutes foray into heavenly relaxation. Put simply, a Fassage is a massage for your face. It’s a unique spa experience that ups the ante on glowing skin. Even better, it’s the perfect add on to any of our other services! If you’re getting a regular facial or a body massage, adding the Fassage makes the experience that much more immersive.

How Does It Work?

The special thing about the Fassage is our focus on deeply massaging the face and decollate. The technician massages your face, neck, and shoulders with a special technique that stimulates lymphatic drainage and circulation. The overall effect is lifting and toning the muscles of the face, making the Fassage a treat on its own or an amazing enhancement to any of our facials.

What Are the Benefits?

Marilyn’s Signature Fassage comes with many benefits. The most significant of these are:

  • Improve skin elasticity from boosted lymphatic drainage
  • Promote creation of new skin cells
  • Reduce appearance of fine lines
  • Add healthy glow
  • Boost circulation

Who Should Get One?

The short answer: anyone!

A Fassage can treat a wide variety of skin concerns from acne to signs of aging. Even better, facials like the Fassage have long term beautifying benefits; your skin starts glowing immediately after the treatment, and the improved elasticity can last for days or even weeks afterward. People of all ages can slow down the signs of aging with regular treatments.

Some people are surprised to learn that men can treat their skin with a Fassage, too. Men, don’t let women get all the benefits—and relaxation—of Marilyn’s Signature Fassage!

Where Can I Get One?

Marilyn’s Signature Fassage is completely unique to Marilyn Monroe Spas, which means that you cannot get this experience at any other salon. Most of our locations offer the Fassage to their clients, so you can visit virtually any of our spas to book your appointment.

You can learn more about our skincare services and massage offerings by visiting our website.