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Nail Art Trends to Try (Even if You’re a French Manicure Kind of Girl)

You know the saying, “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it”? It applies to everything, even your manicure. If you are a French manicure devotee, you have probably noticed that nail art is a huge trend, showing up everywhere from the runways to Instagram. We know that trying a new look can be intimidating! That’s why we have put together this cheat sheet of nail art styles to try. Each of these styles is hand-picked to keep you on trend without deviating too far from your beloved classic French mani.

Negative Space

The negative space manicure is a play on a classic French manicure, just adding a bit more drama. Start by covering your whole nail with a clear base coat. Then use the color of your choice to make a modern design, leaving plenty of naked nail. You can do geometric shapes (pictured), stripes, or an abstract sweep of color to get this look. The best part? Pretty much any color works. You can choose a bright summery hue, a barely-there nude, dramatic crimson, or a fun metallic.

Bonus points if you finish the look with a matte topcoat!

negative space

Bright White

Nothing says summer like showing off your bright whites! A white manicure is refreshing and summery, without looking over the top. The trick with an all-white mani is to do several thin coats of polish to ensure that the color looks even and smooth. Pro-tip: if you are doing your nails yourself, allow each coat to dry for at least two minutes to keep them from smudging.

bright white

Almond Nails

A different way to think about nail art includes the shape of your nails. If you have always kept your nails round, trying a different shape will mix things up in all the right ways! Almond nails are the latest trend in nail shapes and they range from subtle to dramatic in length. The best part is that these nails provide the perfect canvas for every look, including a classic French manicure.

almond nails

Accent Nail

If you’re not ready to fully commit to nail art, but you want to spice things up an accent nail is the perfect way to go. You get the best of both worlds—your favorite polish on 8 of your nails, and something new and visually interesting on the other 2. Choose one nail on each hand, usually your ring finger, to complement your manicure while adding a dose of art.

accent nail

An accent nail can come in many forms. You can paint on a pretty design like roses (pictured), or pile on the rhinestones and glitter. An easy accent nail option is to swipe on a complementary color of polish. Try some of these pretty color combos:

  • Red with gold
  • Bright pink with yellow
  • Eggplant with pale blue
  • Cobalt blue with turquoise
  • Lavender with peach

Nail art is a fun way to express yourself and show your style. Try out one of these styles, and see how your look changes!

Ready for more inspiration? Check out the Marilyn Monroe Spas Instagram to see fun ideas for your nails, hair, makeup, and more!