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Night Out Makeup Looks

The best thing about makeup is how easy it is to try something new! If you love a new look, it can become a go-to look. Hate it? Wipe it off and start again! Makeup is a fun and versatile accessory that can take a look from basic to spectacular.

Going out makeup looks allow for even more experimentation, so take your cue from the 2017 runways and try some of these stunning tricks for your next night out.

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Color Dipped Eyelashes

For a fun twist on this year’s bright eye trend—we’re talking turquoise, burnt orange, and even red for eyeshadow and liner—bring some color to your lashes! Leave eyelids neutral, with a matte taupe or palest pink shadow, smudge eyeliner above and below the eye, and do several coats of your favorite black, thickening mascara. Finish off with your favorite bright hue of mascara on just the top half of your lashes, giving a punch of color to the look.

Bold Brows and Burgundy Lips

For a look that is fresh, clean, and sexy, try bold brows and burgundy lips. Fill in and darken your brow, but remember not to overdraw them! The goal is natural and untamed, not cartoonish, so follow your natural shape. Next, leave eyelids clean, opting for dark lashes and a subtle swipe of eyeliner to keep the emphasis on your eyebrows and lips.

Choose a lip shade in deepest red to really get the look. Think burgundy, ox blood, and black cherry to find the right color. Marilyn Monroe Spas Midnight Kiss is a perfect color for this technique. Apply the color to your lips, blot with tissue, and apply another coat. Finish your look with setting spray.

Pop of Pink

Pink has long been a favorite lipstick color, but this year it is showing up all over the face, as magenta shadow, bold blush, and petal pink highlights are coming back on trend. You can use this trend anywhere you like. Pinkish-red eyeshadow swept all over the eyelid (complemented with glossy lips and LOTS of lashes) is a fresh take on the smoky eye, while bright blush steals the show when paired with a nude lip and pared down eye makeup. Not feeling like taking a risk? Stick with your hot pink lipstick to stay on trend. To get this look: Try the Marilyn Monroe Spas Cream Blush in Crush, Our hot pink lipstick in Socialite and our Signature pink shadow in Charm.

Shiny Eyelids

Marilyn Monroe, the ultimate beauty icon, was famous for using Vaseline in her makeup routine. It is said that the star used Vaseline on her entire face to give it a gorgeous glow, putting special emphasis on her eyelids.

Glossy, shiny eyelids for going out is hot in 2017, showing up on the runways. Lids that are so glossy they almost look varnished, and this look is easy to replicate at home, using Marilyn’s favorite product: Vaseline. Simply apply your favorite eyeshadow—runways showcased everything from berry hues to smoky black—and finish with a coat of Vaseline. Tip: avoid putting Vaseline on your crease to keep the formula from getting sticky.

Color Blocked Lips

As seen on the Jason Wu runway, color blocked lips can create an interesting and beautiful effect when done right. The trick is to choose two colors that are variations of similar shades, that are different enough to create visual interest. Think deep eggplant on your top lip and pinkish plum on the bottom. Wu’s models wore cherry red on top and deep pink on bottom for a stunning pairing. Reminder: don’t rub your lips together, or the colors will mix, ruining the effect.

Need a little more makeup inspiration? Check out the professional makeup artists at Marilyn Monroe Spas! Our makeup pros know the tricks and trends to keep you looking your best for everyday and going out. For more beauty and wellness tips, follow our blog!