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Party in Style with a Marilyn Monroe Spas Spa Party

Spa parties are a fun, chic way to celebrate any occasion with your friends. Pamper yourself and the women in your life with a spa party at any Marilyn Monroe Spas location. This new service turns any occasion into something truly unique, leaving your guests feeling especially relaxed.

Below are a few ideas for the indulgent spa party of your dreams!


Treat the bride-to-be and her bridal party to an afternoon at the spa! This hangover-free bachelorette party idea will keep everyone fresh and relaxed for the big day, and the services you choose can help beautify the bridal party. If you are feeling extra indulgent—or if the bride is extra stressed from wedding planning—be sure to include massage services.

Baby Shower

A mom-to-be can always use a bit of pampering to feel comfortable and beautiful. What mom doesn’t want her nails to look spectacular? (Even if she can’t see her toes). A mom-to-be can enjoy a soothing facial, relaxing massage, or fun manicure and have fun getting pampered at the same time!


At any age, a luxurious spa day can be just the indulgence to make a birthday special. Regular spa services like facials, massages, and mani/pedis are all fun ideas to pamper the birthday girl, but you can get even more creative! Things like hair and makeup styling before a night out on the town can really up the glam factor, making the party something to remember.

Theme Party

Some of us don’t need an occasion to throw a great party! Theme parties make for a really good time, and a spa party has so many options for themes! These are just some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Stiletto Relief: The heels that we all love to wear wreak havoc on our feet! Lucky for you and your girlfriends, a pedicure is the perfect way to relieve sore feet and get rid of unsightly callouses. Our exclusive Stiletto Relief pedicure is the perfect inspiration for this party.
  • Waxing Wednesday: Celebrate this middle of the week “hump” day with your besties by waxing brows and dipping hands or feet in paraffin wax. You’ll walk out the door feeling smooth all over, as you leave unwanted hair and dead skin behind you.
  • Old Hollywood: Pamper your guests the Marilyn way, with a massage or facial, mani/pedi, and professional makeup artistry. Your gal-pals will feel glamorous and relaxed as they pretend to be the silver screen sirens.

Little Girls’ Spa Day

A little girl’s birthday party is always a fun occasion. If your little diva wants to be pampered for her birthday, bring her to Marilyn Monroe Spas! We already offer a “Mommy and Me” pedicure at some of our locations, so we know the ways to pamper little hands and feet. Host your party at our spa, and all you have to bring is the cake!

girls party

Don’t See Your Idea? Call Us!

Spa parties are a new service, and we are full of ideas to make them great! But if you have a specific idea of how to honor a special occasion, call us! Our party planners can help you plan the perfect spa soiree to pamper your friends.

Spa Party Tips

  • Bring wine or champagne to enhance the relaxing vibe
  • Rent the entire spa for an evening of true decadence and privacy
  • Set up a snack station where your guests can enjoy hors oeuvres
  • Put together little gift bags with our Marilyn Monroe branded products that help your guests enjoy the spa at home
  • Create cute custom invitations in red and white to mimic Marilyn Monroe Spas’ aesthetic

Are you ready to celebrate your occasion in true Marilyn style? Find your location, and call us to book your party! We can’t wait to plan the perfect spa party with you!