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Skin Is In! 9 Reasons Why You Need a Good Facial Now

September marks the official end of summer, which means the end of beach days, white pants, and sun damaged skin—and with the beginning of fall, it is time to prepare for cooler weather.  

Entering times of cooler weather requires preparation in a myriad of ways. As fall comes in, we swap sandals for boots, shorts for long pants, and we add coats and sweaters to protect us from the cold. Just like we need to care for our bodies as the season changes, we need to take care of our skin; one way to do that is with a facial.  

Facials are a key component of a regular beauty maintenance routine. They provide health, beauty, and wellness benefits, especially as the seasons change. Just in case you need motivation to enjoy this amazing spa treatment, here are nine reasons why you need one now!  

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Photographed by Milton H Greene © 2012 Joshua Greene

9 Reasons to Get a Facial  

An essential part of any spa service, facials are the key to getting your skin ready for the changing seasons.    

#1 Repair Sun Damage from the Summer 

All that time spent in the sun—playing at the beach, camping, enjoying your favorite music festival—this summer may have given you a glorious tan (or sunburn, for our fair-skinned clients) but it also caused damage. 

Sun damage comes in many forms, including dark spots, fine lines, dry skin, puffiness, an uneven skin tone, and the list goes on. The Marilyn Monroe Spas Golden Glow Facial treats all of these pesky problems to help create smooth, even skin.  

#2 Prepare Skin for the Damage of Cold Weather 

The cold is just as hard on your face as the sun. Even in moderate climates, wind and dry air can suck the moisture from your skin, which is why it is important to moisturize and keep skin hydrated. A facial can relieve dry skin and make it more amenable to moisturizers. We recommend the Signature Custom Facial which helps relieve dry skin while restoring skins natural moisture.

#3 Relax in the Wake of a New Routine 

For those of us whose lives are dominated by the traditional school year—teachers, parents, students, moms—fall means back to school time. After a long summer break, getting used to school routines again can be a challenge. Take an hour out of your busy week, get a facial, and relax that stress away.  

Facials are relaxing because they combine the power of touch and a soothing atmosphere. An added relaxation bonus is that facials require you to go unplugged. When an esthetician is applying skin care products, massaging and caring for your skin, it is difficult to talk on the phone, text, surf the web, or check email on your phone.  

#4 Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate 

In the autumn, the trees shed their leaves. Similarly, your skin sloughs off its dead cells. Facials exfoliate your facial skin more deeply and thoroughly than you can on your own. Exfoliation allows skin products like serums and moisturizers to penetrate more deeply, thereby working more effectively.   

#5 Clean Your Pores on a Deep Level 

Similar to how they exfoliate, facials clean your pores more deeply than you can with any product at home. Deep cleaning can prevent breakouts and shrink pores, creating that smooth skin we all crave.  

#6: Invest in “Me” Time

Take some time during your busy week for yourself. A facial—or even an exfoliating body treatment or microdermabrasion—takes about an hour, so it is not a huge time commitment. But its restorative effects for your skin and your mind can be immense.  

#7 Benefit from Organic Products

When you get a facial from a Marilyn Monroe Spa, you enjoy all of the benefits of deep cleansing and exfoliation with the added comfort of knowing that the products we use are certified natural and organic, with no parabens, pesticides, or GMOs.

#8 Boost Collagen 

Exfoliating, deep cleansing, massage, and our quality products all work together to smooth skin immediately after you leave the room. Even better, a good facial stimulates collagen production over the next few weeks. Collagen is one of the most important components of your skin, as it prevents early signs of aging and boosts skin elasticity.  

#9 Fight Aging 

In addition to the collagen boost, facials fight aging by increasing blood circulation and stimulating the lymphatic system. Improved blood circulation creates a healthy environment for new skin cells to grow, and the lymphatic system decreases puffiness and redness. Both of these decrease the appearance of fine lines and help keep skin looking young.  

Try out our exclusive Fassage, a facial massage, a signature service at Marilyn Monroe Spas. This blend of lymphatic drainage and muscle manipulation achieves a smoother, brighter, more youthful appearance. The Fassage relieves facial tension, flushes retained water, temporarily smooths fine lines, detoxifies, and increases circulation.

Encourage Healthy Skin 

In short, facials promote healthy skin inside and out. Their many benefits explain why most estheticians recommend a monthly facial. At Marilyn Monroe Spas, each esthetician will provide you with a personalized take home skin care regimen to keep up your healthy glow. Our quality facials will get your skin ready for the changing seasons.

Book now to start enjoying the benefits of a facial at Marilyn Monroe Spas!