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Stylists Speak: Tarah at Marilyn Monroe Spas Glamour Room at Lakeside

We often call our stylists our stars, and it’s due time that we caught up with one of our favorites! Tarah Benedetto from our Glamour Room at Lakeside in Winter Park, Florida is one of our most experienced stylists – and we’re talking with her about her favorite trends for the Fall and letting you in on her secrets.

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Tell us a little about yourself
I started my beauty career in 2009. I always knew I wanted to be a stylist because I have a passion for making people feel great about themselves. I love building my clientele behind the chair and creating beautiful hair everyday.

What’s your favorite beauty trend this fall?
This fall my favorite beauty trend is the full bang. Its a beautiful transition into fall and cooler weather styles. Bangs are a sexy way to change it up.

What inspires your daily hairstyle?
Sometimes, bedhead. It can take a surprisingly small amount of effort to turn a morning disaster into a tasteful style for the work day.

What’s your favorite product from Marilyn Monroe Spas?
I was always hesitant to use oils in my skin care beauty regiment because of my complexion. Fortunately, I found that the Rose Hip Seed Oil Capsules are a great way to hydrate your skin and get that healthy glow without feeling oily.

Tell us your best tips for keeping hair sleek & smooth during the winter months.
Coconut treatments once a month, rinsing with cool water to close the hair cuticle and add shine, and using a leave-in conditioner with heat protection.

What are your favorite hair accessories?
Gold shimmer headbands. You can wear them around your head or tuck your hair into the headband for a quick and cute updo.

Any other tips or tricks you’d like to share?
When using hairspray for the flyaways, use the can as a tool to smooth the hair.

Schedule your appointment with Tarah at our Lakeside Glamour Room to get a new do just in time for Fall!

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