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The Sense-Sational Manicure & Pedicure: A Marilyn Monroe Spas Original

One of the simplest but still most elegant ways to relax and pamper yourself is with a manicure and pedicure. These salon staples are offered on nearly every salon and spa menu across the nation, so creating a unique manicure or pedicure experience is a challenge that many spas choose not to tackle.


Marilyn Monroe Spas, however, has created the Sense-Sational manicure and pedicure, an exclusive offering that stimulates all your senses and pampers you like no other mani/pedi ever has.



One of the first things you notice when you walk into a Marilyn Monroe Spas location is the beautiful décor and impeccable cleanliness. Our white and red interiors, clean lines, and glamorous details are punctuated by large pictures of Marilyn Monroe, showcasing our inspiring icon at every turn showing not only her glamorous side but also her fun and flirty personality as well.

The sights of the Sense-Sational mani and pedi include not only our beautiful interiors but as importantly hospital-grade sterilized tools and creative glamour experts who beautify your fingers and toes. Whether you want the latest nail art popping on each finger, or one shade of varnish livening up your toes, you will leave our spa with a smile on your face.


The scents of the Sense-Sational manicure and pedicure rejuvenate your mind as you relax. They say that scent is the sense strongest tied to memory, and you will build some truly happy memories of stress-free times in the manicure or pedicure chair.

Our nail professionals exfoliate your hands and feet with a warm and refreshing rosemary-ginger scrub. These two refreshing scents are known to boost the mood and soothe aching muscles or joints. The rosemary-ginger scrub has just the right amount of scent to relax you without being overpowering. Even better, the scrub is 100% certified organic.


While there aren’t any specific tastes involved in getting a manicure and pedicure—unless you bring your favorite chocolates to indulge in while you pamper yourself—the Sense-Sational mani/pedi gives you a true taste of luxury.


An important part of the ambience of our spa are the sounds. All Marilyn Monroe Spas play a relaxing soundtrack to contribute to the soothing atmosphere of the pampering services we offer.


Touch is no doubt the most important sense that we stimulate in the Sense-Sational manicure and pedicure. First, soak your hands or feet in warm water, then enjoy a hand and arm/foot and leg massage from our practiced nail technicians (complete with the rosemary-ginger scrub described above). These massages release tension in your muscles, allowing you to take a mini-vacation from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, even if for a few minutes.

After the massage, your nail technician will remove dead skin by gently buffing your hands and feet. Next, a hydrating mask will leave hands and feet feeling silky smooth. The Sense-Sational pedicure also includes a cooling masque, which is an amazing contrast to the other parts of the treatment. Finish it off with a hot towel treatment to seal in the comfort, allowing you to thoroughly relax and unwind. At the end of it all, you will have hands and feet that look gorgeous and feel even better.

Stimulating all five senses is what the Sense-Sational manicure pedicure is all about. Book a Sense-Sational mani/pedi now to enjoy the many benefits of this outstanding service.