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The Ultimate Guide to Hair Brushes

The Ultimate Guide to Hair Brushes | Marilyn Monroe Spas

Have you ever wondered which hair brush is right for you? Well gals, we’re giving you a crash course on hair brushes with our Ultimate Guide to Hair Brushes.

SQUARE NYLON PADDLE BRUSH: Perfect for detangling long, wet hair. Make sure that you use gentle strokes when using this brush to avoid breakage. The square nylon paddle brush is great for thick hair and scalp stimulation.

BRISTLED PADDLE BRUSH: For those gals with fine, thin hair that easily breaks. The natural bristles of this brush are great for scalp stimulation and will help detangle without creating static and flyaways.

PARTING COMB: This is the #1 tool for creating perfect parts. Use the pointed end to draw a line down your scalp where you want the part and your hair will separate perfectly. Not a single hair will be out of place.

ROUND METAL BRUSH: This brush is perfect for blowdrying. Not only does it speed up your blowdrying time due to the ventilation but it helps to create volume and smooth the hair.

BACKCOMBING BRUSH: Also known as a teasing brush – this brush is essential when teasing the hair and adding volume.

WIDE TOOTH COMB: Everyone should own one! This will make detangling your wet locks a breeze. Avoid knots by combing small sections starting from the bottom of your hair and working your way up.

BRISTLED ROUND BRUSH: Perfect for drying, smoothing bangs, and short hair. The natural bristles won’t damage shorter strands and are perfect for adding a little curl.

ROUND NYLON PADDLE BRUSH: You know that brush that you throw in your purse or keep in your desk just in case? Well, this is it. This brush is perfect for all hair types and gals with medium to long hair. It distributes essential oils from your scalp to the tips for a healthy, natural shine and easily detangles.

Which brush is best for you?

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