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Think Pedicures Are Just for Women? Men, Treat Yourselves to the “Wingtip Relief” Pedicure and Foot Treatment

When Marilyn Monroe Spas started, we set out to offer quality treatments to everyone, not just women. Men visit our salons for massages, haircuts and styles, facials, and yes, even pedicures. The Wingtip Relief pedicure and foot treatment is an amazing indulgence for men who spend time on their feet (read: so, pretty much all men).

Why Wingtip Relief?

Our feet work hard every single day. Even if you work a desk job, chances are you spend hours on your feet on any given day. Plus, if you are even slightly active—walking your dog, working out at the gym, even biking—you put your feet to work even more.

In addition, we know that those dress shoes you wear to the office don’t do your feet any favors. Shoes that pinch or rub are part of the style game, and it’s not just women whose feet are suffering for fashion. You can alleviate sore, callused feet with a pedicure.

Additionally, there is something inherently relaxing about soaking your feet and enjoying a foot rub. You can groom your feet and get pampered at the same time. After just one Wingtip Relief treatment, you will see why the women in your life love to spend time at the spa.

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What’s Included?

The Wingtip Relief pedicure and foot treatment comes with the works: a soothing foot soak, a nice massage, and a healthy dose of moisturizing to keep your feet soft. You can skip the polish on your toes, unless you want to up your style game, in which case we don’t judge. Have fun with it! Pedicures are not just for ladies anymore.


Start by soaking away the day’s stress with an aromatic footbath. Soaking your feet in warm water soothes aches and pains, while softening calluses to make them easier to remove. Bonus: the foot baths at Marilyn Monroe Spas are jetless, which means that they are more hygienic than jetted tubs at other spas.


A massage is one of the most relaxing things you can do for your feet. Part of the massage is using a callus remover to get smooth feet. The nail technician will use a tool to gently rub calluses and rough patches until dead skin is gone. Next, you will enjoy a relaxing massage on your feet and legs to melt away any aches.


Finally, the nail technician will hydrate and soften your feet with a thick moisturizing cream. Used in conjunction with the massage, this moisturizer makes your feet feel soft and look smooth. You need to keep your feet hydrated for more than just aesthetic reasons; dry feet can painfully crack and bleed, sometimes even leading to infections. Keeping up a moisturizing routine will keep your feet feeling their best.

Don’t be afraid to groom your feet the same way you groom your hair or facial hair. Keeping your feet looking and feeling great is an essential part of being a well-groomed man, and the Wingtip Relief pedicure and foot treatment at Marilyn Monroe Spas is the first step.

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