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Winter to Spring Transitions: 5 Fashion Tips from Marilyn

What’s cold, then warm, then hot, then freezing, then sunny? The transition from winter to spring!

Keeping up with the styles and trends from changing seasons can be tough, but in the unpredictable weather of springtime it’s even harder. How does a woman stay in style without compromising her own personal taste? Take a page from Marilyn Monroe’s book and learn from her iconic sense of style with these 5 beauty and fashion tips.


Know Your Body

Marilyn became an icon for a number of reasons—her wit, talent, and ability to command a room all come to mind—but her perfect hourglass figure was one thing that set her apart. Marilyn’s dimensions were, in a word, perfect, but what made her figure remarkable was the impeccable way she dressed it. Marilyn always emphasized her hourglass figure, whether it was through a cinched waist, a fitted knit, or a dress with an empire waist.

Knowing your body is the key to dressing it. As we go from winter to spring, watch the runways and stores for shapes that fit how YOU like to present yourself. Not into this season’s boxy cargo pockets on everything from pants to button-up shirts? Opt for the body skimming, color block dresses that graced the runways. Don’t want to overwhelm a petite frame with an extra large tote bag? Choose a clutch or satchel with the romantic details of Rodarte and Dior.

Create Your Makeup Style

When we picture Marilyn Monroe, most of us see a sleek cat eye, that iconic beauty mark, and red lips parted ever so slightly. Marilyn guarded her signature makeup look carefully, and worked hard with her makeup artists to create it. The look is so iconic, women everywhere still emulate it.

Marilyn loved her false eyelashes and used them to open up her eyes and add definition. She would cut her lash strips in half and only apply the falsies to the outer corners of her eyes, and then blend with mascara. This gave her eyelashes a luxurious but natural look.

Marilyn also favored strong eyebrows with sharp arches. This look contrasted with her sultry and imperfect eyeliner, creating an interesting and flattering look.

You don’t have to work with a Hollywood makeup artist to create a makeup look you love, nor do you have to stay loyal to one look. As the days get longer and the weather warms up, look for makeup styles that flatter while staying on trend.

Accentuate Your Assets

We have already talked about how Marilyn accentuated her figure with clothes that were tailored to her body, but she had many other beauty assets that she constantly showcased. She never covered her signature beauty mark with makeup, she always showed off the curve of her neck and shoulders with short hair, and she knew the right hemline to show off her slender legs.

Get to know your best features and show them off. Long legs? Choose the shorter skirts that come into vogue every spring as the weather warms up. Gorgeous bone structure? Find a hair cut and style to emphasize it. Slender, beautiful fingers? Draw attention to them with a gorgeous, on-trend manicure.

Whatever your assets, show them off! Every season has trends that work for any body type, hair style, or preference.

Mix and Match Sweaters, Separates, and Dresses

Marilyn was perfectly at her ease whether she was wearing a stunning dress with 4-inch heels or a relaxed sweater and capri-pant combo with flats. In her life and career, she was photographed in casual separates as often as she was in a fitted dress. Because she knew what to wear for her body—and she paid attention to craftsmanship and details—the icon always looked put together.

As the weather continues to warm up, wearing dresses is even more fun! Bare legs in a skirt or crop pants—which are still very on trend—pair perfectly with a fitted sweater or chic knit top, and you can layer as much (or as little) as you like to keep your temperature comfortable during the unpredictable spring weather.

Find YOUR Look

The biggest takeaway from Marilyn Monroe’s impeccable sense of style and fashion is that she found the looks that she liked and worked for her, so she stuck with them. There’s a reason she had platinum blonde hair for her whole career (and it isn’t because gentlemen prefer blondes): she loved it!

You don’t have to love winged eyeliner and halter dresses to learn fashion lessons from the blonde bombshell; emulate her by paying attention to details, knowing your assets, and staying true to yourself in fashion and beyond.

At Marilyn Monroe Spas, our beauty experts can help you find a look that is on trend for spring and stays true to the icon in you. Book now to relax with a massage, try a new hairstyle, or get tips on a gorgeous makeup look!